Does Your Business Google?

MTech Services is a small business.  We understand how tight budgets can be.  We are committed to provide small businesses and individuals with websites, blogs, and other services that fit the small business budget and won’t break the bank.

This site is just one example of a simple site with no picture header.  Click the Sample Sites link at the top of the page to see other examples.

Many of your customers look for goods and services using Google and other search engines on their laptops, cell phones, and other devices.  They simply don’t use the Yellow Pages the way they used to.  Instead, they pull up Google or Facebook to find goods and services.  If your business does not “Google”, potential customers may not find you, possibly heading out-of-town instead of buying locally at your store or business.

Our goal is to provide you with a website that is personalized for your business,  MTech Services will format content provided by you into a website at a price that won’t break the bank.

  • We can set up a simple one page site, a multiple page site, an online store, and even add a blogging feature for you.
  • We can help you to choose and purchase a domain name.
  • Provide you with hosting, email addresses.
  • Update your site as required.
  • We can set up a blog so that you can write articles, advertise events, or list your sale items with pictures.
  • Connect your site to Facebook and other social media.
  • MTech Services can create the site with the features you want and turn it over to you.  We can provide you with training if you do not know how to use the blog feature or do your own updates or we can do all the administration of the site for you.  All you need to do is to provide the content that you want to see on your site.  If your business has weekly sales and you want those sales posted just send us the copy.

Some of the sites setup and managed by us can be seen by clicking here.  These sites will give you an idea of what your site might look like.  You will select your own pictures and colours for your site.  This will make your site is unique to your business.  The header picture could be a picture of your business location, the tools you use, pictures of your products, your company logo or anything else that you can think of. 

Our services are listed in more detail here.

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