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Novell Open Workgroup Suite

Novell Open Workgroup Suite includes server and desktop platforms with complete management tools, e-mail and collaboration and office-productivity software. As a result, you acquire core infrastructure and office-productivity products that meet your IT requirements for much lower cost and without the fear of being locked into a single strategy. This solution includes the following trusted Novell software:

* SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 is available as part of Open Enterprise Server and GroupWise entitlements. The number of SUSE Linux Enterprise Servers that will receive support and updates is determined by the number of users who have access to Open Enterprise Server. Please visit: An unlimited number of SUSE Linux Enterprise Servers can be used to run GroupWise. For more information visit:

Novell Small Business Suite 6.5 Features

The Novell 6.5 Small Business Suite 6.5 Starter Pack gives you the same security and reliability that Novell is known for in larger corporate environments.  The Starter Pack gives you 5 free connection licenses.  You only need to pay our fee for installation and (starting at $1,000.00 for NetWare 6.5 and GroupWise 6.5).  If you do not have the expertise in your office to manage NetWare we can do that remotely for you.  Small Business Suite supports up to 100 users.  The current suggested retail value for additional licenses can be found on Novell's site.  Special pricing is available for some types of organizations.  Please contact us for more information with a subject line of Small Business Suite Information Requested.

Novell Small Business Suite comes with everything you see listed below.

NetWare 6.5           Border Manager                 DirXML
   GroupWise         Nterprise Branch Office         ZENworks

NetWare 6.5

The cornerstone of Novell® Small Business Suite is NetWare® 6.5, a powerful and reliable Web-based services platform. With NetWare, you get over 20 years of development and experience in the areas of security, reliability, manageability and cross-platform interoperability. For small businesses and remote offices that means enterprise-class technology with custom tailored networking services that increase productivity at a low price point. Here’s how NetWare 6.5 enhances the Small Business Suite from Novell…

Proven Reliability – NetWare delivers critical network services worldwide to organizations large and small and has been doing so since the early 1980s. NetWare is renowned in the industry for stability, superior performance, impressive ROI, and scalability and has garnered numerous prestigious industry awards.

Simplified Collaboration – To get things done, employees, partners and customers need to collaborate. NetWare 6.5 includes Novell Virtual Office which gives users the ability to easily communicate and collaborate online from any location. Share files and favorites, coordinate calendars and discussion groups, and enjoy the benefits of self-service and Web mail. Seamless collaboration streamlines communication and enables people to work more effectively and productively.

Advanced File Access – Only NetWare 6.5 includes Novell’s advanced and popular Novell iFolder® technology. Novell iFolder acts like an Internet hard drive allowing users to access their files at any time from any location on the Internet using a standard browser-enabled workstation. With anytime/anyplace access, users have mobility freedom with assurance that their files are secure. Novell iFolder automatically synchronizes files on all workstations so that the latest version is always available.

Internet Printing – NetWare 6.5 includes Novell iPrint which extends print privileges to potentially any printer on the Internet. Users have the flexibility to print down the hall or around the world using the same simple steps. Deliver documents, printed in the ideal format, directly to the desired location. And iPrint makes the process simple with graphic printer location maps and automatic configuration.

Simplified Storage – Just because a business is small does not mean it doesn’t require big storage. NetWare 6.5 lets small businesses add generous storage capability using iSCSI. Novell iSCSI provides storage area network (SAN) capability using low cost, commodity hardware with the ability to add storage incrementally while ensuring continued file availability in the event of a disaster. Small businesses get enterprise-quality storage and data redundancy that’s inexpensive and simple to manage.

Directory-enabled Management – Novell’s eDirectoryTM combined with NetWare 6.5 provides a comprehensive administration solution that enables management and control of all network resources including users, groups, peripherals, applications, processes, connections, hardware appliances, and more. Directory services gives easy user access to profile and organization information through eGuide and simplifies administration for all network resources. Do you want to ensure that your small business network is as reliable and secure as any enterprise solution? Novell Small Business Suite with NetWare 6.5 gives you that assurance. As a powerful and proven network services engine, NetWare 6.5 provides the platform, services and applications that enable any small business to seamlessly and securely share and collaborate.

Novell, NetWare and Novell iFolder are registered trademarks, and eDirectory is a trademark of Novell, Inc. in the United States and other countries. * All third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Border Manager 3.8

Network security remains a top priority for small businesses. To safeguard your network against internal and external threats, Novell Small Business Suite includes Novell BorderManager 3.8. BorderManager includes several advanced technologies that prevent network intrusion as well as controlling access to critical data assets. In addition, Novell BorderManager provides optimization and acceleration technology that streamlines network communication. Small business digital assets are secure with enterprise-class protection which includes powerful control and optimization features.

Here’s how Novell BorderManager helps secure and protect small business networks…

Packaged Security – A straight connection to the Internet is both good and bad. Good because suddenly you can connect to a new universe of information and content; bad because that connection comes with the potential for digital terrorism from hackers, identity theft, viruses and a myriad of potential intrusions. Novell BorderManager protects your digital assets while providing authorized users (inside and outside the organization) safe passage to the right content. You can control, accelerate and monitor your users’ Internet activities. BorderManager is packaged security that protects against the common threats of unfiltered access.

Firewall Protection – Small businesses need two-way firewalls. First, they need protection against unauthorized entry—a barrier to the outside prohibiting access. Second, they need to allow access to resources from the outside by authorized employees, partners, suppliers and customers. With Novell Small Business Suite, the combination of eDirectoryTM and BorderManager provides a high degree of granular control for preventing and granting access to specific resources. It’s firewall protection at its best.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) - Novell BorderManager also includes VPN services, which enables your small business to securely connect to other intranet sites, remote users and business partners, using the public Internet. The information transmitted across the VPN via the Internet is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access by eavesdroppers. In addition, the information is checked for accuracy to detect tampering by hackers. BorderManager provides you with a safe, economical and bulletproof connection pipeline using the Internet as the carrier.

Filtering – BorderManager helps you selectively control where your users can go on the Internet and what they are allowed to access. Filtering helps small businesses block access to objectionable content as well as limit recreational surfing. Novell BorderManager also includes virus-pattern-filtering functionality that protects against HTTP-based viruses. Protect your work environment against objectionable material and guard against productivity loss.

Access Controls - The Novell Small Business Suite with eDirectory and the BorderManager access control feature enables you to set rules that limit users' access to online content based on a variety of criteria. For example, you can manage user activity by service, node or network address, URL, time of day, content category, user identity, group membership and a variety of other criteria. Access control ensures that your network bandwidth is only used for productive, business-related activities. It can also protect users from accessing potentially harmful Web sites. It’s powerful control with easy administration.

If you’re a typical small business, you don’t want to worry about security management. As with all features of Novell Small Business Suite, Border Manager can be administered remotely by an outside service provider, integrator or central IT department. Small businesses get the same protection afforded the big sites, without dedicated support or major expense.

Novell and BorderManager are registered trademarks, and eDirectory is a trademark of Novell, Inc. in the United States and other countries. * All third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


For select small businesses, coordinating and synchronizing data between different systems is at once an obstacle and a necessity. You may need to coordinate user information between a legacy mainframe application and your new Web-based delivery system or, you may want to standardize user ID and passwords for all network services including an existing Exchange server. Novell’s DirXML® Starter Pack, included with the Novell® Small Business Suite, provides integration services to universally connect your applications, data stores and network platforms—even across technical and organizational boundaries.

Here’s how DirXML can solve integration problems for small businesses that use dissimilar systems…

Microsoft* Integration – Included with the DirXML Starter Pack are connectors that provide synchronization between Microsoft Active Directory*, NT domains and Novell eDirectoryTM. Changes made to user ID, passwords or other identity attributes in one system are automatically reflected in the others—pending adherence to established business rules and logic. DirXML enables disparate systems to coexist, sharing common information in native formats. There’s no need for expensive integration or a necessity to rip and replace legacy systems.

Simplified Administration – DirXML includes Novell iManager, a Web-based management tool that lets you view and modify dataflow across your entire system. Visually see what is connected where, giving employees, partners, suppliers and customers access to what they need, when they need it. Data ownership is retained and information exchange is real-time and bi-directional.

Consolidated Identity Management – Completely eliminate the problems associated with multiple ID stores and inconsistent user names and passwords. Users only need to remember one ID/password combination for access to applications, legacy systems, network resources, portals and more. DirXML keeps everything synchronized with changes quickly replicated throughout the system. Provide or restrict access to multiple resources with a single operation.

If the need exists, DirXML can simplify the flow of all types of information between dissimilar systems. Novell provides a comprehensive collection of standards-based “XML connecters” that enable data sharing between applications, databases, email systems, operating systems, mainframes, directories and more. With DirXML, any small business can meet its data sharing/synchronization needs.

Novell and DirXML are registered trademarks, and eDirectory is a trademark of Novell, Inc. in the United States and other countries. * Active Directory and Microsoft are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All other third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

GroupWise 6.5

Businesses can’t function without reliable communication and small businesses are no exception. In fact, with the sometimes distributed and mobile nature of many small business users, good communication is an absolute necessity. With Novell® Small Business Suite, you get Novell GroupWise® 6.5, the premier communication and collaboration application. GroupWise provides an effective and innovative approach to collaboration services—an approach that delivers security, control and mobility, while reducing the cost of managing and maintaining essential communication and collaboration services.

Here’s why GroupWise in Novell Small Business Suite is so valuable to small businesses…

Secure Email – In comparison to the other major email solutions (such as Exchange), Novell GroupWise is very secure. With GroupWise, you can embrace the Internet knowing that you are protected by field-proven security. You can maintain secure, authenticated communications (including instant messaging) within your organization as well as with organizations and individuals outside your firewall.

Premier Calendaring – A comprehensive, yet simple to use, calendaring system lets users schedule their time, coordinate meetings, perform busy searches and even schedule resources such as equipment and conference rooms. GroupWise calendaring and scheduling works across time zones and geographical locations providing a powerful way to coordinate schedules.

Block Viruses – As a small business, you don’t have time to manage constantly evolving viruses. Novell GroupWise gives you the option to detect, control and eradicate viruses using any one of several partner products. Prevent virus damage to workstations and valuable data assets and avoid costly downtime or rebuilding expense with the preemptive options available for GroupWise in Novell Small Business Suite.

Cut Junk Mail – In addition to viruses, junk mail can curtail user productivity. GroupWise allows you to limit spam and junk mail through several methods including known spam hosts, bulk deliveries, sender verification, or address and domain blacklists. Stop junk mail before it ever gets to users. Users can also control whose mail they receive with mail from senders not in their address books automatically routed to a junk mail folder. Eliminate the hassle of junk mail for your small business and keep productivity high with GroupWise.

Web Access – GroupWise allows users to access their mail and calendar information from a wide range of devices and from virtually any location. Workstations at the office, laptops, Web-based browsers, mobile phones, and handheld devices can all be used to communicate and collaborate. GroupWise significantly enhances interaction among geographically dispersed teams without jeopardizing the security of information behind the firewall.

Remote Management – If you’re a typical small business, you don’t have (or want the expense of) dedicated IT onsite. Novell GroupWise can be completely managed remotely by a service provider or centralized IT staff. Web-based administration makes it simple to offload management freeing you to focus on your business. With Novell Small Business Suite, you get a premium, enterprise-class mail/calendaring/scheduling system that’s fitted for small business use. It’s a powerful application with exceptional features that can help any small business communicate and collaborate more effectively. For example, Novell customer Gusmus Electric recently cut spam, preemptively blocked mail viruses, and virtually eliminated system viruses when they migrated from Exchange to Novell Small Business Suite with GroupWise. To learn more, visit

Novell and GroupWise are registered trademark of Novell, Inc. in the United States and other countries. * All third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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