MTech Services’ Portfolio

Some of the websites designed by Marie include those listed below.  These are live websites set up and configured by Marie.

Content is provided by the client.  Please note that the headers are customizable and colours and style can be changed to suit your needs.

Feel free to click on the link for each site to get an idea of what MTech can do for your business.

North Shore Music

MTech Services' Portfolio - The Shore Things
North Shore Music – The Shore Things

This website is an example of a more complex site due to the number of pages and features.  This site connects to Facebook and other social media.  Any blog posts will automatically populate to Facebook and other social media that is selected.

The blog for North Shore Music is currently used to provide tips and entertaining stories related to the services they provide.  North Shore Music is still growing and the blog will be updated on a regular basis to encourage continued interest.  Blog content is only limited by your imagination!

MTM Transcription

MTech Services' Portfolio - MTM Transcription
MTM Transcription Specializing In Court Transcription

This website is an example of a simple site with a contact form.  MTM Transcription has a large header (the picture of a typist), but your header can be smaller if you wish.

You always have the flexibility of using a picture that fits your business rather than a stock photo.  For example, MTech Services has a smaller picture at the top of the website that was designed by a graphic designer and contains the MTech Services logo, while the North Shore Music website uses a picture taken inside their facility.  The header could be a picture of the outside of your business, a picture with you in it, or a display of the items you sell.